Navitel Navigator 9.7 Displays Alternative Routes

Navitel Navigator 9.7 Displays Alternative Routes

NAVITEL® today released an updated version of Navitel Navigator 9.7 for Android. The updated version adds several major improvements to make navigation even faster and easier. — Build alternative routes Navitel Navigator 9.7 helps users to choose the best route to get to their destination. When several routes are possible, Navitel Navigator builds alternative routes… Continue reading »

Persian Voice Pack on Navitel Official Site

Persian Voice Pack for Navitel has been added to Navitel Official site: Another Voice Language Pack (Woman Voice) will be added to the site in future.

Henssy MX-200 Iran Map Update

If you have Henssy Mx-200 like above picture and you have valid serial of Navitel, you can upgrade maps. For Detail please contact us. Update contains Navitel Update to Version 9 and Iran Map to Version 2014. New Version snapshot:

Update Your Navitel for Windows CE

If you have a valid version (original) of Navitel for Windows CE you can update it via special software , you can see the process here :

Persian Navitel for Windows CE

After two years going to start selling Navitel for windows CE ( for cars and PNDes) again. Detail of the price and order process will be published in this site very soon. Weblog is going to be active Weblog is going to be active soon. Navitel News, Navitel maps news and … will be published here