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Navitel Navigator 9.7 Displays Alternative Routes

Navitel Navigator 9.7 Displays Alternative Routes

NAVITEL® today released an updated version of Navitel Navigator 9.7 for Android. The updated version adds several major improvements to make navigation even faster and easier. — Build alternative routes Navitel Navigator 9.7 helps users to choose the best route to get to their destination. When several routes are possible, Navitel Navigator builds alternative routes… Continue reading »

Henssy MX-200 Iran Map Update

If you have Henssy Mx-200 like above picture and you have valid serial of Navitel, you can upgrade maps. For Detail please contact us. Update contains Navitel Update to Version 9 and Iran Map to Version 2014. New Version snapshot:

Persian Navitel for Windows CE

After two years going to start selling Navitel for windows CE ( for cars and PNDes) again. Detail of the price and order process will be published in this site very soon.